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Live well with Parkinson's has moved to a new website


Go to the new website

The Live well with Parkinson's project offered signposting to quality Parkinson's information and ran online meetings for people affected by Parkinson's.

As you may be aware, almost all of the administration of this website was done by me.  I was also running most of the online meetings and webinars.  It was taking a considerable amount of time, and was not sustainable. 


A new website and online support group , Parkinson's Together, has been set up. All the links and meetings will still be available, but the new site will include links to events, videos, podcasts and more from a number of organisations, all in the same list.   A team of volunteers will be running the site and meetings.

I hope you like the new site.. Please contribute by sending in links and content that you think might be of interest to others. 

There is a survey form for you to complete should you want to send feedback on the new website.

Jane Rideout

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