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Parkinson's Specialist Speaker Videos

These videos are recordings of recent Speaker Sessions

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What is Intensive Physical Activity? 

Laura Douglas & Anna Kharin,

Neuro Physiotherapists, Neuro Heroes

Julie Jones, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy,

RGU, Aberdeen

What is Intensive Physical Activity? 


31January 2022   (65 minutes)

Managing Non-motor Symptoms

Interviews with Dr Camille Carroll,

Consultant at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Mood changes and cognitive Issues 


22 March 2021   (62 minutes)

Blood pressure changes and sleep disturbance


10 May 2021   (59 minutes)

Understanding your medications

Dr Ray Sheridan

Consultant at Royal Devon & Exeter

Parkinson's and Genetics

Dr Stephen Mullin, Lecturer in Neurology,

University of Plymouth

Freezing of gait with Parkinson's

Will Young, Psychologist and Human Movement Scientist, talks about how anxiety influences the way we control our balance and walking. 

7 June 2021     (61 minutes)


Physiotherapists in discussion

How to keep active?

Nicky Thompson and Ruth Nevill are physiotherapists in Tavistock.

24 May 2021    (22 minutes)


Why is exercise so good for people with Parkinson's?

Julie Jones is a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

12 July 2021    (62 minutes)


12 July 2021  (63 minutes)


Parkinson's Uk Update

Katherine Crawford, Director of Services

Parkinson's UK

How might supplements, diet and herbs help your Parkinson's symptoms?

Helen Rideout, Medical Herbalist

25 October 2021  (57 minutes)


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