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Cure Parkinson's Research
Tuesday 12th April at 18:30 

Cure Parkinson’s has a goal.

“Curing Parkinson’s needs world-class collaborative science involving researchers, clinicians, the pharmaceutical industry and, most importantly, people who are living with Parkinson’s. This collaboration is at the heart of our research programme.

Our leadership and funding enables the world’s leading neuroscientists and neurologists to prioritise, together, the next generation of drugs for clinical trial. We’re acting with urgency, for people currently living with Parkinson’s, with a focus on research which has potential to translate into the clinic within five years.”


Helen Matthews, Deputy CEO, Cure Parkinson's will talk about the work of Cure Parkinson's. She will explain the approach to research that is being adopted, and about some of the specific research projects.

There will be time for questions.

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