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About the Live Well with Parkinson's project

‘Live Well with Parkinson’s’  is run by volunteers with Parkinson’s and family members of people with Parkinson’s. This project offers people affected by Parkinson’s one hour zoom sessions on topics of interest to them. For the newly diagnosed there are Introduction to Parkinson’s sessions. These are suitable for family members and the person with Parkinson’s.


For anyone affected by Parkinson’s there are  Specialist Speaker Sessions,  covering a wide variety of topics. These sessions are recorded and are available in the Video library on the website.


Discussion Groups cover a wide spectrum of topics. Some sessions are purely for care partners, others are only for people with Parkinson’s, and some sessions are for the newly diagnosed.


The website offers lists of links to trusted websites, providing information about many aspects of Parkinson’s, including symptoms, treatments and so on. There is a developing reference page on exercise and physical activity for people with Parkinson’s.


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To contact the project email :

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