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Other online activity classes

This list is provided to help people with Parkinson's find suitable online classes. It will never be exhaustive. Further information will be added over time.  It will remain on this website until a more comprehensive look up facility is available.  


If you are a provider or know of a suitable provider that you think should be added, please email   and provide details of activities provided..

Please note:

This is a list of online exercise and physical activity providers that have either asked to be included in this list, or that other people with Parkinson's have recommended from their own experience.

  • Listed providers have NOT been assessed for suitability in any way.

  • Inclusion in this list DOES NOT imply any recommendation that their services are necessarily suitable for your needs.  You must investigate what they offer and make your own decision as to whether their approach meets your needs.

  • Before starting any new physical activity you should consult your medical team if you have any concerns. 


Online classes are offered by these providers

Please visit the provider website for details about the classes and options that they offer.

LV Rehabilitation

Neuro Heroes

LV Rehabilitation

Reach your Peak

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