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What's new?

New video in the library:

Living with Parkinson's during the cost-of-living crisis

Sue Christofurou, Parkinson's Uk

Webinars and events which may be of interest to you from other organisations

Friday 14 April  'Incurable Optimist'  Paul Mayhew-Archer in Exeter

                                                           Organised by SW Walking Football

What's available?

For more information about a session please click on the session name below or use the menu above.


Quick booking facility…….Click on a date below.

All sessions start at 18:30


             for the newly diagnosed, their family members and friends

Wednesday 8 March 2023
Tuesday 18 April 2023

           Next sessions to be announced soon, including

Testing devices for use by people with Parkinson's 



For care partners of people with Parkinson’s

Power of Attorney and Finances

Wednesday 29th March

Also available on this site:

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