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What's new?

- Information videos   

Variety of topics, including information about Parkinson's & some people with Parkinson's telling their stories.  They will be 15 to 30 minutes long (usually!)

  - Webinars and events which may be of interest to you from other organisations

Friday 14 April  'Incurable Optimist'  Paul Mayhew-Archer in Exeter

What's available?

For more information about a session please click on the session name below or use the menu above.


Quick booking facility…….Click on a date below.

All sessions start at 18:30


             for the newly diagnosed, their family members and friends

                  Tuesday 7 February 2023

Wednesday 8 March 2023
Tuesday 11 April 2023

 Next sessions to be announced soon 



For care partners ONLY  

Next session will be announced soon

Also available on this site:

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