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Wednesday 31 May at 18:30


Reviewing the devices available to improve movement for people with Parkinson's with gait problems


Helen Dawes is Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation in the College of Medicine and Health in the University of Exeter. Helen has a clinical academic background as a physiotherapist and exercise scientist with an ambition to enable people living with conditions affecting their movement to be able to move more.                     
She is working on a number of projects based upon different devices to assist people with Parkinsons to move more easily. Many people as Parkinsons are concerned that the devices on the market are not subject to the same testing as new drugs are. She’s looking at how these devices can be compared in terms of how well they work for people with Parkinsons.
This should provide at least some information on how these devices perform for users.


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All sessions start at 18:30


             for the newly diagnosed, their family members and friends

Tuesday 6th June 2023
Wednesday 2nd August 2023



These meetings offer the chance to talk to other people affected by Parkinson's in a relaxed, small informal meeting.

For care partners of people with Parkinson's


Thursday 25th May                Multitasking problems


Thursday 29th June           Obsessive and impulsive behaviors

Thursday 27th July                  Apathy

For people recently diagnosed with Parkinson's

Wednesday 14th June          Dealing with the diagnosis


For anyone affected by Parkinson's

Thursday 8th June            Getting motivated to do more physical activity

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